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"N.O.T.A." NONE OF THE ABOVE a direct democratic election reform initiative. Whereby the people are empowered to express their dissaproval of all parties standing for election and have this "N.O.T.A" opinion equaly valued in the election result.

 Most democraticaly elected governments around the world do not allow their citizens to express this point of view on the election ballot.

 The citizens who have lost trust in all political representation are forced to voluntarily deprive themselves of this fundamental democratic voting right and stay away on voting day. Even those who want to participate and dare to express this opinion on their voting ballot, will not be considered equal. This opinion will not count and is allowed no relevance whatsoever apon the election result !  This is a blatent disregard of democratic principle.

 The CONSHUMAN movement believes that the present election law contradicts the most fundamental civil right in a democratic society, which is freedom of opinion in election and that this choice, with equal value to any other opinion, to be counted and to influence the election results.

 ConsHumans believe that the "N.O.T.A." election reform will ensure more democractic representation in the election results, by including a "N.O.T.A." vote option on every voting ballot for public office standing for election.

 A "N.O.T.A." election reform will increase the influence and trust of all citizens, in an elected government which claims to serve the people.