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ConsHumans & The ConsHuman Democratic Reformation.
  • A CONSHUMAN wants to enjoy the persuite of personal happyness within the principles of a compasionate Fair-Trade practice.
  • CONSHUMAN people want to enjoy a quality of life, attained with minimal pain, waste, or pollution, for their fellow human beings, or the natural and social environment around the world.
  • CONSHUMANS use a modern economic tool, which empowers the consumer with new rights of self determination in the market place and more influence apon the consumer societies that serve them.
  • The ConsHuman Tool is Pool
  • A unified CONSHUMAN consumption demand will empower the consumer with new rights of self determination within the global market place and thereby ensure an independent influence,  apon the institutions of government. A ConsHuman lobby for consumer people.
  • CONSHUMANISM is a modern social identity, which embodies the same spirit of humanistic thought  found in all civil rights movements, in every cultural sphere on earth, throughout the history of human kind.
  • The CONSHUMAN movement will facilitate a peacefull transition from the unregulated "free" market tyrannie of profit, to a new CONSHUMAN consumer society, which will promote an alternative, totally transparent free market supply of Fair-Trade consumption alternatives, under the direct democratic supervision and regulation by the citizen consumer.
  • ConsHuman citizens are commited to total transparency in all collective economic and social activism and  enjoy a personal direct democratic influence, at any time apon all CONSHUMAN citizen representation in the market place and institutions of government.
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  • The CONSHUMAN movement has endorsed a political innovation that can enable a direct and peacefull democratic evolution towards the establishment of a trustworthy CONSHUMAN consumer society
  • This political innovation is in the form of a electorial reform that upholds a fundamental right to freedom of expression, which is denied the socialy active citizen of today under democratic electorial regulation.
  • Under current election law, a "none of the above" (N.O.T.A.) opinion will not count in the election result and has no representation on the ballot card at all. The citizens of most democractic governments are not allowed to have this opinion in election, This limits the freedom of choice and contradicts the democratic principle of free expression.
  • The CONSHUMAN movement thererfor advocates the inclusion of one;
  • N.O.T.A. "NONE OF THE ABOVE" valid vote-option as a comprehensive political opinion towards all representation standing for election.
  • A modern voting option on every democratic voting ballot, representing the fundamental democratic right to freedom of speech for all citizens.
  • A  "N.O.T.A. vote is a basic right to freedom of opinion and individual expression in elections..
  •  A  fundamental democratic civil right that cannot be ignored or supressed in a democratic society.
  •  A freedom of expression that must constitute an equal value of political opinion in the election results.
  • A  N.O.T.A. vote as a statement of NO CONFIDENCE to all political representation running for public office.
  • A  N.O.T.A. majority result that will represent a peoples plebiszit  for re-election. Within 60 days and including;
  • A PUBLIC DEMAND for new standards of accountability in all public office through direct democratic oversight and total transparency.