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Each voting ballot in any election for public office, shall include a "N.O.T.A" (None of the Above) political opinion option to choose from and to vote for.

A vote of equal value to influence the election result. A new-age civil right.


A majority N.O.T.A. vote election result will constitute a peoples referendum for re-election within 60days and under new-age political parameters..
A "N.O.T.A." vote majority that confirms a unified demand for transparent

democratic reformation, NOT a simple repetition of the first election run.

A  modern re-election process that incorperates new civil rights of self determination that ensure accountability from any future government.

A) The electorial cost reimbursement, usually paid by the taxpayer, is null and void and the money saved will finance the cost of the re-election.

B) All political representation running for election, will have equal communication time allowance in the public and private media and an interactive internet platform provided. No private political funding allowed.

Campaign signs to be displayed in equal vollume.


The elected government, after the re-election is required to uphold direct democratic influence on all levals of political representation in government and install financial transparency on all levals of political representation.


This will ensure that the peoples political representation can be trusted.

The CONSHUMAN "N.O.T.A." election reform represents a civil rights movement for all citizens who want direct democratic veto power for the people. Concerned voters, who demand their freedom of speach in elections and to have this opinion equally considered in the election results. For a growing disillusioned population , that seek a trustworthy political representation that serves the people and not "free" market profit.

The CONSHUMAN civil rights movement is a modern expression of peaceful democratic evolution towards people empowerment in democracies around the world. N.O.T.A. is the catalyst for unified intent.