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The RING-SHOE is a scrap tire Upcycle monument and performing arts plattform to portray two constructive social and economic innovations towards non violent democratic reformation and liberation from the endemic economic and political fraud and social injustice of today. Now exactly 500 years after Martin Luther initiated the church reformation in Germany, the ConsHuman civil rights movement will conduct a mobile publicity plattform to communicate a new age democratic innovation, called the K.D.O. Wahl-Reform.       (ConsHuman N.O.T.A. Election-Reform)

A modern political innovation towards non violent democratic reformation that can be easily and quickly replicated in democracies around the world.

A comprehensive social and political re-start attained without violence.

The RING-SHOE is practically identical in design and spirit as the medi-evil BUND-SCHUH, which was worn by most common people who could neither afford better footwear nor read or write. A Symbol of a shoe portrayed on flags by the common people as a symbol of unity and commitment to social evolution, in Germanys historic struggle for more civil rights of self determination.


Now again in this new millenium the RING-SHOE represents a modern social identity and collective demand towards a rapid democratic reform.

A political reformation that can liberate us all from the intolerable systemic political fraud and economic tyrannie in democracies all around the world.

The mobile Ring-Shoe performance event will criss cross Germany on its way to Berlin and portray creative sollutions to this unnessasary and increasingly grotesque missmangement of public trust and the resulting humanistic potencial lost to us. Creative social sollutions that will soon unfold as the consequence of a N.O.T.A. induced re-election demand.



The 25 ft by 7ft XXXL size RING-SHOE Up-cycle Artwork also represents a unique trash to treasure transformation of over 300 scrap tires and the only economicaly viable Upcycle waste management system for scrap tires world wide which upholds the priority cascade of legislative re-cycle criteria; Reduce, re-use (UP-CYCLE) and only as the last resort Re-cycle!

Untill now the RING-WEAVE technology has been an undesired innovation on the world scrap tire market and its multi million Euro capital investment and a threat to the existing waste management industrie, which would rather pollute our environment by burning scrap tires, than re-use them.


The RING-SHOE mobile Art Exibition will demonstrate the huge industrial production and employment potencial behind the RING-WEAVE Upcycle technology in the form of scale model presentations and work shop seminares en route which will progresively help liberate this valuable Up-Cvcle knowledge from an immoral "free market" suppression.ConsHuman knowledge to the benifit of human kind and our natural environment.



The CONSHUMAN COOPERATIVE has the objective to facilitate a fair-trade transaction between a unified ConsHuman consumption demand (consumtion pool) and a ConsHuman consumption supply on the internet.

The CONSHUMAN COOPERATIVE will establish an interactive and totally transparent internet plattform to coordinate & define ConsHuman consumer pools and facilitate negotiations between a ConsHuman consumtion supply and a  unified consHuman consumption demand.                                                                                                                                       



A unified ConsHuman consumption demand will lower the product retail price and stimulate ConsHuman consumption supply.
 Influencial ConsHuman consumption pools will empower consumers with new consumer rights in the world market place, that can influence political representation in consumer societies world wide.
An independent social influence of humanistic values manifest through a compasionate Fair-Trade practice, called ConsHumanism.
 All ConsHuman consumption supply must fulfill the ethical Fair-Trade and ecological standards and requirements of the ConsHuman Cooperative.

To finance the logistical establishment of the international CONSHUMAN COOPERATIVE, and thereby to provide the international ConsHuman movement with an independent financial income, a German-European ConsHuman is now able to contribute his invention: The Ring-Weave Upcycle System to the international ConsHuman movement.
This revolutionary concept of creative recycling, based on a simple new method of weaving flexible rubber ring-bands (for example; the steel reinforced tire tread of any scrap tire) into a multitude of usefull and valuable industrial products, was effectivly supressed by the exsisting scrap tire waste disposal market, during the period of patent protection. Now this (consHuman) innovation has been liberated from the tyrannie of " free"market (mafia) dictate and ensures an independent cooperative,.
The Ring-Weave System manifests the best possible (UP-CYCLE) method for used scrap tires and rubber inner tubes and represents a quantum leap in scrap tire waste disposal management, through the innovative transformation of worthless scrap tires and rubber inner tubes into valuable industrial engineering technology that out-performs existing products and expands their technical parameters /> Ring woven products are exclusively manufactured from rubber waste and uniquely suited to represent the principle of ConsHuman Fair-Trade practice in action.                                               

Tune in, log on, CONSHUMAN . COM


The CONSHUMAN COOPERATIVE pilot project # one:           

The RING SHOE is manufactured exclusivly by hand, out of used bycicle inner tubes, with no special equipment necessary beyond a pair of scissors and a little practice in Ring Weaving.
This exercise in creative recycling will produce a totally new shoe design concept, which when worn, will automaticaly adapt itself to the shape of the foot. and provide a bare foot happy feet sensation, whilst walking, The RING-SHOE is not only extreemly comfortable to walk in and from an orthopaedic point of view, very healthy to wear, but this unique shoe can also change colour to suite the colour of the clothes worn !  The exclusive RING SHOE design enables this to happen, by one simply adapting the colour of the socks, which are visible through the ring weave construction design. From trash to treasure, the RING SHOE is a product statement of distain for the immoral Addidas and Niki sweat-shop profit greed. A ConsHuman trade transaction serving humanity not shareholders.
The CONSHUMAN COOPERATIVE will facilitate a transparent Fair-Trade exchange between ConsHuman supply and demand in the following way
The RING SHOE is produced by members of the ConsHuman Coop. and solicited to a  ConsHuman demand through a totally transparent fair trade transaction on the internet.
 Each pair of Ring Shoes, that were individually hand crafted from trash to treasure by some creative human being somewhere in the world who is less fortunate than the informed compassionate ConsHuman demand, will be transpòrted and delivered with a minimal carbon footprint and include an interactive Fair Trade doccumentation "live and direct" of the production origin of the Ring-Shoe on an interactive DVD.
The solicitation expense for the ConsHuman Coop, is 10% of the Fair-Trade financial transaction between a ConsHuman consumption supply and demand. Every aspect of operational investment resulting from this financial capital is totally transparent and subject to the direct democratic and equal influence of all ConsHuman Cooperative members.