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Die Konsumenschliche Kooperative und das Konsumeter english
The ConsHuman cooperative is the peacefull instrument with which the ConsHuman movement  can effect a significant influence apon social economical and political issues.The ConsHuman movement is in the proccess of formation in world wide internet. --Tune in--Log on--CONSHUMAN.COM -- ConsHumans can meet each other on this website to define their consumption priorities and compare and combine them with other Conshumans. This is called consumer pooling, a recognised and legal modern form of trade. THE CONSHUMAN  TOOL IS POOL ConsHumans who wish to participate in a so called consumer pool can do so by becoming a member of an International ConsHuman cooperative in cyberspace--The CYBERCOOP--. This membership is free of charge. The Cybercoop is a totally transparent cyberspace cooperative that will represent and solicit all ConsHuman consumption priorities to the open market place. These ConsHuman consumer pools will signify a new direct democratic and independent consumer influence in the socalled free market trade. ConsHuman consumption pools are formed through a dynamic interplay between supply and demand. The terms of retail trade are defined through the proportional relationship between the vollume of demand and the price reduction effect this unified demand has on the retail price of supply. This price reduction scale is based on a contractual agreement between the Cybercoop and ConsHuman supply. This modern method of dynamic trade can be observed by members in real time online through a simple new instrument of cyber trade called the CONSUMETER. The consumeter indicates the current  vollume of demand and the respective retail price reduction.The  market power of such unified ConsHuman consumption demands, empower participating ConsHumans with new fundemental consumer rights of self determination in the market place. Additionally a consHuman consumption pool elliminates the capital investment risk facing the potencial market supply, by offering the producer a pre-trade contract of sale, ( which constitutes the legal premis of a so called consumer pool). This therefor denies financial institutions the power to extort from the supply, the consequencial exorbident interest rates on risk capital bank loans ( the ConsHuman consumption demand is allready paid for ). Furthermore unified conshuman consumption will stimulate existing markets and product development that fullfill ConsHuman consumption criteria, as well as motivate new alternative market supply.  A ConsHuman market supply and demand as a vehicle for non confrontational social transformation.  A new age ConsHuman social economy based on fair trade and equal access to well being.  A ConsHuman society that will enable a peacefull transition from current scareCity  and centralized power into sustainable transparent and de-centralized bodies of economic and social self governance. ConsHuman consumer societies enjoying mutual well being with minimal pain waste and pollution.