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How can CONSHUMANS influence the market place?
  • ConsHumans wish to enjoy their quality of life with the least possible detriment to our fellow human beings and our shared environment. ConsHumans know that -NO- is only half the answer,  as well as,  what to say -YES- to.
  • ConsHumans are members of a modern direct democratic and totally transparent consumer movement in internet.  ConsHumans use fair trade socially responsable consumption,  as a modern consumer tool towards peacefull economic and social evolution.--- The consHuman tool is pool.--  We consHumans order our goods together on internet as unified demands,  or consumer pools,  which are a legal and accepted form of trade today. ConsHuman consumption pools as a modern consumer tool towards peacefull economical and social evolution.                                                                                                 
  • A global ConsHuman fair-trade movement, which empowers the world wide consumer with new rights of self determination in the global market place and an independent influence apon world market trade.
  • ConsHumans together empowerded to serve humanity;  and enjoy new avenues of personal and collective infuence apon consumer societys that should serve the consumer and not a market supply serving profit.
  • ConsHuman consumption as a peacefull tool with which to resist the tyrannie of world market supply. Global ConsHuman cooperation as a modern humanistic movement of world people moved by compasion, not  profit alone. Humanity united by a constructive social tool, called POOL---- a transparent unified ConsHuman consumption demand.
  • From consumer enslavement to consumer empowerment.  From a consumer with virtually no influence apon the ethical quality of world market supply,  no real say in trade,  beyond the buy or not to buy,  no moral integrity in consumption habits,  to a new-age empowered ConsHuman with new fundamental rights of self determination in the local, regional and global market place.
  • ConsHumanism--a new-age social/consumer identity beyond the word no. A peacefull reflection of respons-able humanity co-creating and sharing a compasionat world trade transaction with minimal pain, waste and pollution. The ConsHuman tool is pool.
The ConsHuman cooperative is the peacefull instrument with which the ConsHuman movement can effect a significant influence apon social economical and political issues.The ConsHuman movement is in the [...]
das Konsumangebot durch sozial-ökologische Kriterien auszuwerten, um gemeinsam mit anderen KonsuMenschen eine gebündelte, ethisch-konsumenschliche Nachfrage auf dem freien Weltmarkt [...]
wird nicht nur die Entwicklung, Produktion und den Vertrieb von konsumenschlichen Konsumgütern positiv beeinflussen, um somit das Marktangebot mitbestimmen zu können. Koop-Konsumensch ist [...]
Die konsuMenschliche Identität ist ein zeitgerechter Ausdruck humanistischen Gedankenguts das aus der sozialpolitischen und marktwirtschaftlichen Gegenwart unsere Wohlstandsgesellschaften [...]