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C.H.I. ConsHuman Humanetarian Initiative
Mr Gerd Weiland, a ConsHuman and inventor of a revolutionary innovation in weaving technology called the ring weave, introduces this new development in context with a creative recycling humanitarian initiative called the CREATE SURVIVAL RAFT. This ConsHuman initiative can significantly contribute towards helping those people endangered by an ever increasing storm frequency (global warming) storm surge and unpredictable flood conditions. The well documented and transparently conducted C.H.I. will be initiated by a team of ConsHuman volunteers and will prove by example that the ConsHuman movement is capable of a substantial independent contribution towards helping those innocent people who are suffering the consequence of our consumption habits in the so called first world consumer societies.
The CREATE SURVIVAL RAFT project will be conducted in those regions most effected by storm surge flood conditions, in this case on the north east coast of India and the river Ganges delta of Bangladesh. In conjunction with local N.G.O.`s, local inhabitants will be taught in pilot project seminars, how to creatively recycle old scrap tires and plastic bottles into indestructible survival platforms, that can be securely positioned close to the community effected. These modular constructions can be fabricated on location by unskilled labour, with nothing more than a sharp knife, in any configuration or size, dependent on the displacement requirements encountered. And require a minimal financial investment, considering the huge amount of scrap tires available in the countryside ( which we industrialized consumer societies have been exporting as used tires (and quite illegally) for a very long time--since any scrap tire with too little profile to drive over here is gladly bought by a poor Indian or Bangladeshi fortunate enough to drive a car--and when completely bald--ends up discarded everywhere and anywhere--and very convenient for the tire companies responsible by EU legislation for the disposal of this waste material)- The Ring-Weave however transforms trash to treasure--and world market opportunism into a humanitarian (ConsHuman) opportunity.

The structral integrity of such CREATE SURVIVAL RAFTS is ensured by a novel innovation in weaving technology

called the ring weave. 

In the case of ring weaving scrap tires a simple recycling procedure is required--both tire side walls must be seperated from the tire tread--only a sharp knife (preferably a carpet knife with rasor blade) is neccasary to accomplish this--the tire tread can then be woven together using the ring weave technology,  by anyone into a multitude of two and three dimensional bodies. The, for instance, hollow bodies become rubber coated steel reinforced building modules which can be inter-connected with each other to form flexible constructions of any size or shape. The simple addition of filling these hollow bodies with tightly packed and capped inverted P.E.T. plastic bottles--which in themselves are incredibly strong floatation capsuals--ensures the neccasary water dissplacement required to construct indestructable flotation plattform designs such as the CREATE SURVIVAL RAFT. This grass roots method of transforming trash to treasure is affordable for everyone and kann be achieved without specialized training or expensive tools by any unskilled person. The collection and re-use of the neccasary building materials is a very important contribution towards responsable waste dissposal, and if conducted on a larger scale, on a community level, is a potent source of local employment and municiple support.

The structural integrity of ring weave hollow bodies and the design performance of floating ftexible structures built from used automibile tires, has been succesfully tested offshore and under anchor in severe storm conditions.  The extensive scientific toxiological research conducted worldwide to assess the environmental compatability of used tires to the marine environment has proven that used tires pose no threat to marine biology and in fact contribute to the bio diversity when interconnected and submerged.

The idea to teach local inhabitants living in flood endangered regions how to construct such rafts by themselves in a help to self-help initiative, with the support of the developmental aid establishment--was presented by Mr. Weiland allready in 1999 (over 10 years and 50,000 lives ago)  to the company resposible for the allocation of developmental aid in germany--the G.T.Z.  Unfortunatly this organisations team of "experts" was unable to identify the need for survival rafts built from used tires in those many countries they administer.--and declined the offer----we wonder why--.

The ConsHuman movement has therefor begun to organize the CREATE SURVIVAL RAFT initiative independently of existing developmental aid organisations and their respective power structures----RIGHT AWAY--RIGHT NOW

A ConsHuman team of  qualified vollunteer members will ensure the neccasary knowledge transfere is conducted in training seminares and pilot projects on location in india and bangladesh and that all aspects of this initiative are comprehensivly doccumented in word photo and vidio film--and regularily updated on our website.-Tune in, Log on CONSHUMAN:COM

Those who feel inspired by this humaniterian  initiative and wish to get involved in any way to optimize the logistical support required for its success, are invited to get in touch with us as soon as possible. We garantie a total transperence in every aspect of our mutual cooperation..

Let us prove by example,  that in this modern age,  just a few respons-able (ConsHuman ) people can effect a huge independent and very positive influence apon existing social problems on an international scale. Please get involved if you can------------------contact under the heading C.H.I.