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A CONSHUMAN wants to enjoy the persuite of personal happyness within the principles of a compasionate Fair-Trade practice. CONSHUMAN people want to enjoy a quality of life, attained with minimal pain [...]
This is the symbol of the international ConsHuman movement. A new-age adaption of two ancient symbols of the east and west. A new constellation of two geometrical forms and their spiritual and [...]
The RING-SHOE (in) MOVEMENT a direct democratic election reform initiative. Whereby the people are empowered to express their dissaproval of all parties standing for election and have this "N.O.T.A" opinion [...]
The N.O.T.A. ELECTION REFORM as the catylist for social reformation in democracies around the world.
ConsHumans wish to enjoy their quality of life with the least possible detriment to our fellow human beings and our shared environment. ConsHumans know that -NO- is only half the answer, as well as, [...]
Mr Gerd Weiland, a ConsHuman and inventor of a revolutionary innovation in weaving technology called the ring weave, introduces this new development in context with a creative recycling humanitarian [...]